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Thank you very much for finding us from many sites introduce Musical instrument store on the web!!

This 'Kunoichi Music Square' is the place for all loves JAPAMUSIC!.
Normally, net shops are categorized as shops for players, or for listeners, but this 'Kunoichi Music Square' is for both of them and everyone can enjoy our store.

We have a reason why we started this shop.
So, we feature JAPANESE ARTISTS.

Electric guitar : We have lineup of their guitars.
Promotional Goods : Some towels, fans used in lives, and products related to

Magazines : Photo books, posters, magazines related to JAPANESE ARTISTS.

CD : Rare CDs related to JAPANESE ARTISTS.

Their favorites : Amplifiers and Effecters used by JAPANESE ARTISTS.

Japanese manufacturer : Products from Japan.

Enjoy our JAPAMUSIC!.

We start with HIDE and continue to featuring other artists for enriching the contents.

Check HIDE love Everyone gathers!!

We just started this project, and try our best to make our store to satisfy customers.
If you are looking for any other products related to HIDE, or any requests you want us to feature any artists, please let us know.

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