Aftercare REPAIR

Watch the life of the product

kunoichi music square sells products to music lovers all over the world as well as engages with many customers, both professional and amateur. Based on these experiences, we are committed to responsible after-sales service.
We respond to various requests for long-term use of products, such as replacement of parts with genuine parts and reproduction.
We will continue to work harder and provide customer service through our maintenance activities so that the lives of everyone's families will be richer and happier.

Call on kunoichi music square to professionally install your new setup of custom or boutique pickups.
We work quickly and efficiently to make sure your new pickups are installed professionally and cleanly. No solder pie here! Dirty pot? Sticky switch?
Passive? Active? No problem. Bring your electronics repair projects to us for a speedy recovery.

Did you know that kunoichi music square is Certified for guitar Repair and has been certified by each manufacturer and more for guitar Repair?
These brands recognize our expertise and count on us to be there eyes in the real world to make sure that all of their instruments are playing as promised to their customers!
If you have an instrument that might qualify for warranty repair, Contact us!
We’re here to help!

kunoichi music square started offering amp repair services.
We have worked on all major guitar and bass amplifier brands, boutique brands and custom designs. Count on kunoichi music square to get your guitar amplifier repair done right!

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